About Filofera Boutique

In trend, and yet distinctive, at Filofera Boutique, our dresses are yours. And when we say ‘yours’, we mean it because our dresses are one-of-a-kind – designed and made by us. Only one of each dress design is produced. You won’t have to worry about turning up in the same dress as somebody else anymore. Whew! At Filofera, we value and appreciate the creativeness of new and budding designers. Therefore, we have a special collection of dresses designed by new designers on sale. Here, you have an opportunity to see and buy their lovely creations. If you are a new designer and wish to sell your designs at Filofera, please contact us at filofera@gmail.com for more information. We also sell high quality second hand items at a good price. Items in need of a new home are waiting to grace their new owners, so take a look at our second-hand item collection and be delighted.

Opening Soon. Currently Under Construction

We're glad to announce that we will be starting our business soon. Our site is currently under construction, hence, we will not be accepting any orders at the moment. 

Thank you


Item code: FF001ED
Size: 6uk - 8uk, Price: RM 70.00
Design by filofera

Poke - The - Dot

Item Code: FF006BT
size: 12uk - 14uk, price: RM 

Pixie Floral

Item Code: FF002BD
size: 6uk - 10uk, price: RM 52.00

For the Love of Print

Item Code: FF003BD
size: 10uk - 12uk, price: RM 


Item Code: FF006BD
size: 6uk - 8uk, price: RM

Welcome to the Jungle

Item Code: FF005BT
size: 6uk - 8uk, price: RM 

Purple Love

Item Code: FF002BB
size 8uk - 10uk, price: RM

Sweet Yellow

Item Code: FF002BT
size: 6uk - 10uk, price: RM 62.00

Neon Light

Item Code: FF004BT
size: 8uk - 10uk, price: RM 63.00